Happy Easter!

Today started off with a bang.

Not the good kind of “bang” though.. (or the naughty kind, you perverts!) the kind that just rips you out of bed, turns you upside down and kicks you up the arse while laughing at you, kind of bang.

It all began when I decided to head to Kmart with my two girls for some last minute Easter preparations and look for an upcoming birthday party gift.

I left early because I had GREAT intentions to be organised and beat the rush as I know how insane Saturday during an Easter long weekend is! Everyone loses their wits! It’s either they are leaving their Easter shopping until the last minute or they are freaking out because OH MY GOD there’s another TWO holidays after this day and I need to get… SHIT!

So, I got a car park nice and close! I got inside the centre with 10 minutes to spare until Kmart opened . We joined the 30 or so extra keen people (also trying to avoid the rush) and raced on in as the doors slid open.

We got the things we needed. I chose self service as the queue seemed to be moving quicker and I scanned my items. The girls had behaved well, so I had awarded them with these sour licorice things they’d picked from the shelves.

And then it happened.

My card wasn’t in my purse. MY CARD WASN’T IN MY PURSE! I frantically flipped through my purse, eyes burning on me from the huge crowd of people desperately seeking an available register. My heart was beating faster, pounding at my chest. Misplacing my card, keys, phone is all too familiar for me. So, along with the paranoia, also comes frustration!

Willow says to me; “Mum.. what’s wrong? Can’t you pay?” Sophie says “Have you lost your card again?”

Ugh. Noooo… I pull every card out, I hunt through my disgustingly full hand bag (decorated with 6 month old tissues, 5 lip balms (3 without lids) some tangled headphones, my sons epi pen, Asthma puffer, more tissues.. and still, no card.

Then I remember, I took it out along with my license and placed them in a smaller bag which I took with me to boxing the other night.


So I call the attendant over. “I’m so sorry”, I begin. “I don’t have my card. I’m an idiot. Can I please leave these here while I go home and retrieve it?”

Thankfully, the young lady was very helpful and organised to have them placed aside for me to collect when I returned.

The remainder of the morning didn’t improve much. The girls and I stopped for a coffee and milkshakes (naturally, because they bribed me by agreeing that, “Silly mummy couldn’t pay for our sour licorice and we were good! That’s unfair!”

Then, I put pepper in my coffee. Pepper.

Again, I was fortunate to have great service. The lady who served me came over with the milkshakes and while I tried to laugh it off and scoop the dam pepper out, she warmly insisted on making me a fresh cup. She even cheekily stated she’d pop the sugar in for me. Ha.

Second trip to the shopping centre was not so easy to find a car park. There were cars and people everywhere. Drivers tooting their horns and pedestrians angrily dodging past one another in a flustered rush to get to their cars, trolleys loaded with Easter eggs and groceries.

After a while, I’m lucky to find one. I almost reverse over a lady with a trolley who yells bitterly at me “Oh, don’t worry about poor old me!” She rants on, as she storms past my car window.

I’m already so angry because of how my morning has planned out that I want to scream at her, “I’m not worried about you! Shut up! You didn’t get hit, did you? Why are you walking behind me!” But instead, I swallow my pride and just mutter a half arsed apology. It was my fault, after all.

Watching her walking ahead and still shaking her silly looking head at me had me quickly regretting my apology and wanting to yell at her, again.

The next few steps go something like this;

Pick up my bags. Get back to car. Misplace my keys. Empty handbag. Again. Find them in my HAND. Car won’t start.

Fabulous. Call RACQ.

Thankfully, it actually does end up turning on and after waving many impatient shoppers away who are eagerly stalking my car park, I get my girls in and we leave.

I grab a few bottles of bubbles on the way home just for good measure.

I was supposed to catch up with an old friend tonight in the city, but I had to cancel. I was so rattled and so over myself I just felt as though I was a potential hazard to society.

Today wasn’t fabulous. But it wasn’t awful! It was just a silly girl having a silly day, but ultimately it could have always been worse. Much worse.

on a lighter note, I’ve just poured myself a crisp glass of wine and ordered pizzas to be delivered. That’s my day and night wrapped up.

So, Happy Easter to all. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. x

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I am a mother of four children. Two boys, ages 12 and 8 and two girls, 5 and 6. I joined the Army at 19 where I fell head over heels in love with my soldier boyfriend, married him and commenced our family! My husband is a successful (though, exhausted) business owner as well as a professional boxer, on the verge of retirement. I hope you will continue to follow my blog and engage in my very raw and honest stories of my life, opinions and relatable circumstances that we all face! Follow me on my Instagram page @mummablogs1 or my Facebook page TBA for more updates.

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Oh Kristin not a great day but at least you managed to pull it altogether. You did well to not yell at the silly old lady who possibly was having a bad morning too. In some ways you were blessed as the Kmart lady kept your items for you and the lady made you a new coffee. You must have been giving off good vibes to attract such good service.
    You are such a good person.

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    1. Oh thanks Julia! Yes, it was nice to see that among some bad luck and angry people there are still diamonds πŸ™‚ Om always polite to people, even when I feel like exploding. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It can only make matters worse if you respond with anger.
      Thank you for always being so kind to me ❀️ Xx

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  2. My day started on Thursday with Lily having a sultana lodged up her right nostril from eating too many in one go. I had to cover the left nostril and blow it out with my mouth over the blocked nostril. It didn’t get much better from there. When it rains it pours!

    Liked by 2 people

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